Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remembering Jimmie

My grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep on Monday night.
I saw her just a few weeks ago.
She was always like Keith Richards, you know?
Old and through a heck of a lot but made of the kind of stuff that
will keep them ticking forever.

But one week can change everything.

This woman beat the death of her husband (my Grandpa "Doc"),
a near fatal collision with a semi truck,
The Great Depression,
she lived with emphysema,
& Diabetes.
All of that.
And more.

But in one week, she found out that after years of remission, her cancer was back.
And she had pneumonia.

She went into the hospital on Monday for further testing and to start treatments.
But after a few hours in the hospital she came to terms with her fate.
All she wanted to do was go home.

So home she went.

We rallied around her that night.
All those who were in town.
She had gumption right to the very end.
She was sarcastic and funny and spunky.
There were talks of reorganizing the first floor of her house to accommodate.
She watched "The Voice".
(Lady loved her some TV.)
There were jokes and hugs and "see you tomorrow"s.
We knew her time was soon so family began their travels home.

She waited until everyone was gone Monday night.
Then, snuggled in all comfy in her own bed and on her own terms, she exhaled.

(Photo used with permission from John Heusler)

She was made of some stuff.
She was, without a doubt, the leading lady of her own life's story.
Not many can say that.

She said it best to me and Matt on Monday night right after she got home from the hospital.

"It was a hell of a ride."

That it was. 

Martha "Jimmie" Heusler
6/24/27 - 2/6/12