Friday, March 7, 2014


Today Griffin said, "Mom, wouldn't it be just so great if we could have a house.
A real house with space and we can have lots of guests?".

That hit me so hard. 
So much has changed for us in the past year and a half and I thought Matt
and I were the only ones having to "deal" with this small apartment. 
I've worked really hard to make this apartment feel like a home and I think I just
assumed that most kids don't feel "space". I thought Griffin just saw this place as his home.
And I was wrong.

 Maybe he hears me talk of my dreams to Matt. 
My dreams of a place for Griffin to run and play.
Space to create and craft.
Space for Jasper to roam.
Space for Matt to build things with Man Tools.
A space for guests.

I guess I need to speak less of my dreams and more of our realities when Griffin is listening.
Our reality is we have everything we could possibly need within the walls of this tiny space.
There's barely enough room to fit two people in the kitchen to bake cookies
but there's room.
There's barely enough room for dance parties
but there's room.
There's barely enough room to run and play outside
but down the hill a ways there's room.
There's barely enough room for all of us to play in the living room together
but there's room.
There's barely enough space for both boys to share a bedroom with space to play
but there's room.

Because there's a time in I think everyone's lives where they have to learn to let go of what
doesn't matter and learn about what truly does matter.

For us, right now, this tiny space will suit us just fine.
And when we are ready to spread our wings and fly, God will provide the wind.

This is what I must teach Griffin.
I love the little ways that he teaches me by me having to deal with my demons
in order to teach him.

Little stinker.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Project *JOY*, Week 8

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is still
my favorite times of the day with him.
It brings me so much joy just to sit and watch him.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Instant Happy

After reading this post from Meg's blog I knew Griffin would love these.
So we made them. 
Pretty self explanatory.
Good stuff. 
I hot glued the Popsicle stick stars to some baker's twine and I strung some up in the 
boys' room and some up in the living room. 
Instant happy!
Get your craft on!