Monday, April 11, 2011

Magazines, Miss Piggy Bank, and Jennifer Garner

Oh what a day.
I wish I could tell you that I had an amazing day
crafting, cleaning the house, going for a walk in this b.e.a.utiful 60 degree weather, and baking up
something fabulous.
But I can't.
Despite my very best efforts, I just had an awful day.

But some good did happen today.
I got to go grocery shopping.
By myself.
I got the items needed and stopped and read a magazine.
It was good.

G decided to take a late afternoon nap.
This allowed Hubs and I to actually sit down and have dinner together.
And talk.
It was good.

Then we all watched a movie.
G did lots and lots of snuggling.
Always good.

So, it wasn't all bad.
I'm grateful,
SO grateful,
that at the end of any bad work day I have a
soft place to land.

On with the randoms.
 Miss Piggy Bank.
She was my sister's and she is fabulous.
She can hold approximately $14.82.
Early money management.
We are going to go out this weekend and let G pick out something with his coins.
 Last Saturday, while roasting in the hot sun, waiting for a family to arrive to a shoot,
I found this shady spot.
I just loved this tree.
 Do you know what this is?
This, dear readers, is my leg.
(You'll have to forgive the angle. I don't have any mirrors in the house below the shoulders.)
I purchased my first pair of shorts in 6 years last Sunday.
Mama's legs are officially out of hiding.
They don't look so hot but I'm okay with that.
They get me from here to there.
They dance around the house and play with G.
They serve me well.
And they are hot.
I'm done with suffering because I don't look like Jennifer Garner.
Last weekend we had a movie night right before bed complete with a picnic on the living room floor!
It was good.
So good.

It's amazing that no matter how bad of a day I've had
if I just start listing off things that I'm grateful for or things that make me happy
all of the bad just...melts away.
I always start my day with a list of what I'm grateful for while I'm taking a shower
but I should end each day the same way.
So often, the weight of the world is still on my shoulders while I'm trying to drift off to sleep.
I would be able to fall asleep much easier if my heart was a little lighter.

What makes you happy?
What are you grateful for?
Let's start tomorrow off right.
Happy Monday!
I am linking up to Life Made Lovely Monday.
Because no matter what troubles come my way...
I DO have a lovely life. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Post About Missing Sissy

This is what happened last Friday.
"Mommy, I miss Sissy."
"Mommy, I go in closet, pweeeese?"
"Mommy, I wear Sissy shirt, pweeeeese?"
He didn't take it off the entire day.
It kept getting in his way but he would just hike it up.
"Sissy shirt, Mommy!!"

Side note:

Every time I give G a pen, he gives me a masterpiece to clean up.


Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rocks, Rail Road Tracks, and Ice Cream

This afternoon was good.
So good.
I just sat down a few moments ago with a big. contented. sigh.
The kind with a smile at the end.
I had no idea how empty I was...
until I wasn't.
We ventured out of the house in the 80 degree, windy weather and down to the dry, dusty
bank of the Muddy Missouri.
We threw rocks in.
We walked along and felt the rush of the river next to us.

 We ran along the rail road tracks.
And smiled.
And held hands.
A year ago this time, G would refuse to hold our hands.
Now he does.
It's good.
 G got his first ice cream cone today.
He has always hated ice cream.
Not today.
Today, apparently, called for Raspberry Sorbet.
He ate until he was drooling.
 AND he just sat there with us!
For a half hour!
He didn't want to get down and take off running.
He didn't scream and cause a fuss.
We just enjoyed sitting together, eating ice cream, and watching the squirrels and birds play outside.
I haven't been able to spend much time with my boys in the last few months.
I've been incredibly tired but I had no idea I was empty.
Until I wasn't.

Happy Sunday!