Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rocks, Rail Road Tracks, and Ice Cream

This afternoon was good.
So good.
I just sat down a few moments ago with a big. contented. sigh.
The kind with a smile at the end.
I had no idea how empty I was...
until I wasn't.
We ventured out of the house in the 80 degree, windy weather and down to the dry, dusty
bank of the Muddy Missouri.
We threw rocks in.
We walked along and felt the rush of the river next to us.

 We ran along the rail road tracks.
And smiled.
And held hands.
A year ago this time, G would refuse to hold our hands.
Now he does.
It's good.
 G got his first ice cream cone today.
He has always hated ice cream.
Not today.
Today, apparently, called for Raspberry Sorbet.
He ate until he was drooling.
 AND he just sat there with us!
For a half hour!
He didn't want to get down and take off running.
He didn't scream and cause a fuss.
We just enjoyed sitting together, eating ice cream, and watching the squirrels and birds play outside.
I haven't been able to spend much time with my boys in the last few months.
I've been incredibly tired but I had no idea I was empty.
Until I wasn't.

Happy Sunday!

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