Friday, September 16, 2011

THE SICK & Awesomeness

That is what we've been dealing with here all week.
First Griffin, now me.

Bring on the random awesomeness!

I have a bookmark collection. It's the only collection of things I think I have.
Over 200.
These little guys are awesome!

Oh. Em. Gee.
Who's with me?!
This would be so much fun!

Mason jar + rainbow cake = LOVE.

Okay, seriously.
Matt, are you seeing this right now?!
Must make.

Next week will officially be Fall.
I want this sweater.

...and this one.

...and these boots.
(These MIGHT even fit my dang cankles.)

When Hubs proposed to me, he sang me this song.
Complete. With. Dance. Moves.
(You still got it, Babe.)

Here's hoping this is my last day sick in bed.
Happy Friday!


  1. i LOVE that brown and cream stripy sweater!

  2. I walked down the isle to this song.
    I love that film