Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Editing, Features, and Yummy Light

I took the day off work so I could chain myself to my computer and edit all day.
It was fabulous.
I woke up and immediately posted on Facebook this status:
"Today is mine. All mine. And I'm going to make it awesome!"
Awesome. it. was.
 I edited then took a nap.
Then edited then ate lunch.
Then edited and got some sa-weet news.
I was featured on IHeart Organizing!
What to the WHAT?!
I love me some Jen. She's one super amazing lady.
I am inspired by her daily and it was such an honor to be featured with my wee bitty project!
I'm still smiling.
And fist pumping.
 This evening brought a photo shoot that contained 4 Littles (eeesh) and super cool moms that really got into it and came fully loaded with snacks, balls, bubbles, and toys which kept those Littles happy (YAY!).
Then God gave me time to bathe in this yummy light and some time to spend with my energetic Little
 who loves to play in it.
 It was a good day.
So good.
I needed this day.
And holy cats!
Hello new followers and friends!
Welcome to my little slice of the blogpie.
Thank you so very much for stopping by!
I'm kinda floored by how many people HAVE stopped by today.
I'm going to bed a happy gal.
My cup?
Runneth over.

Happy Wednesday!