Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Okay, okay so the days have just slipped through my little fingers and
I let the ball drop on announcing the winner of the
Bandana Apron!!
So here goes...

Congrats, Lori!
I'll have that in the mail for you soon!

Summer is in full swing around here.
The days are HOT but the evenings have been breezy and warm.
Still humid. Still sticky.
But nice.


I used to read to Griffin a lot when he was a baby.
But we got to a point where he would yell and yell.
He didn't want us to read to him.
That made me very sad.
But, as things do, that phase passed and he loves us to read to him again.
His current favorite is David Shannon.
Can't go wrong with him.
And look!
What a big boy.
Fingers crossed that this next phase of potty training is swift and painless.
He had an accident tonight and declared he didn't like underwear.
Bottom lip all pouted out and everything.
We'll get through it.
We've also been in the back yard a lot this month playing with the hose.
Our back yard is quite small.
And it's shared with 3 other condos that make up our building.
But no one is ever out there so we've been taking advantage of having it all to ourselves.

I made our summer list!
Inspired by Meg at Whatever.
I see moms making summer lists because their Littles are home from school and that means more
family time.
Since we just have a 2 year old here, the days are pretty much the same.
I'm hoping that this list will change that.
I'm going to make one for every season.
So we have something to look forward to!
Here is what is on our summer list:

make s'mores, roast hot dogs at the fire pit, craft weekends, library, watch fireworks,
vintage shoot of the kids, bake a rainbow cake, make homemade ice cream,
make new crayons from broken ones, go hiking, catch fireflies, go on bike rides,
play in the sprinkler, make sidewalk chalk paint, explore St. Louis architecture,
movie nights, picnic, Steak n Shake happy hour, zoo, & Mommy and Daddy time

And there's room for plenty more!
Do you have a summer list?
You should make one!
It will make you seriously happy.
I promise.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Cool! Love the swim trunks! Love that Griffin will let you read to him again! Love the summer list. We do summer goals and our list is not as pretty and colorful and fun as yours, but much the same. Some fun stuff and some things we need to get done but never have time and some are the things that the kids want to do specifically, some are things I want them to learn or do. Lists... that is one thing you and I are exactly the same on. (Did you get the last one... a verson of a Saraism.) :)