Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Links

I've got some great links I've been wanting to share.
So, without further ado...

Over the weekend, I made these.
Holy moly are they awesome. 
Now, I'm not supposed to have chocolate in my diet.
I made these primarily for Matt and Griffin
but I have snuck a few and wow. They stick with you and are packed with goodness.

The website that those protein balls came from?
Changing my life. 
Really simplifying everything for me. 
Exactly how my doctor needs me to eat. 
All in one place. 

Matt, Griffin, and I did this over the weekend.
It was soooo much fun for Griffin!

This morning's breakfast was done like this.
It works best with white bread but we had wheat. 
It still turned out awesome and we had such fun doing it!
You can check out some pictures of our version on Instagram.

This skirt is screaming my name.
Must make!

Happy Monday, all!

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