Monday, October 21, 2013

Are You There, Blog? It's me. Cassie.

 I'm just going to jump right back in the old blog saddle as though I never really left...then tried to come back...then left again...then posted randomly. 
So. Awhile back I took the boys to the Butterfly House in St. Louis. I love living close to the city because when Griffin takes an interest in something, it's pretty much guaranteed that we can feed his curiosity with a location or museum or event. 
When he said that he thought butterflies were beautiful and he wanted to learn more about them, 
off we went.
The conservatory itself has the atmosphere like a rainforest, so it was super humid and really really hot but you kind of forget about all that. 
There are literally thousands of butterflies flying all around you.
Hundreds of species. 

Griffin was very patient and walked about very slowly and did everything he could.

But not a single butterfly landed anywhere on him. 
But he was able to get close and personal with a few to examine them.
The Owl Eye Butterfly was his favorite.

I've never experienced anything like the Butterfly House before. It was a thing of wonder.
Except for the cockroach exhibit. 

Jasper was there too.
Blog, meet Jasper.
Jasper, meet blog.

Is anyone still out there?
If so, thanks for sticking with me.
The past two years have served as a great learning lesson for us for a number of reasons and we had to set on the back burner many things we loved in order to get through. 
But hopefully you will see much more of me again soon.

Oh happy day!