Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Boy Named Noccio

Years ago,
we started to read Griffin a book each night before bed. 
Sometimes 2 or 3 books.
Soon, Griffin wanted more. 
So, Matt started telling him stories he made up in his head. 
They were always about a boy named Noccio.
And they always began the same way.
"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Noccio."
They usually parallel what's happening in Griffin's life at the time. 
But with plenty of fart and poop jokes thrown in. 

See, I can't tell these stories properly.
Apparently I suck at the poop humor.
And Griffin cannot go to bed peacefully without hearing a Noccio story.
So, when Matt knows he has to work on a given night at his second job,
he'll go to his car that day during his lunch hour and record himself telling a Noccio story.
Then he'll text it to me. 
After Jasper goes down, we shower and brush our teeth, and read a book.
Then we play the recorded Noccio story.
Griffin usually plays it several times. 
We love that Daddy works so hard for us.
And I love that he makes these special stories a priority.
Even when he can't be here in person.

(I've always wanted to find an excuse to edit a few photos with RadLab's Grandma's Tap Shoes.
I kinda love the colors.)

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