Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Vortex, Hulking Out, and Fox Holes

 Late last week we got a deep freeze here in the Show Me State. 
Polar Vortex is what they are calling it. 
I went to the store to stock up last Friday. 
I still have not left the house. 
Matt was only today able to get to work. 
We were all here. 
Us four plus two cats.
Tripping over each other for days in our teensy apartment.
It was actually really awesome until yesterday.
We all had a great time and eventually I let it go 
about the housework and clutter.
Griffin is high energy and Jasper has just learn to crawl so it took everything Matt and I had just to keep up with them.
It was a mess
But a beautiful mess, I'd have to admit.
The windows had about an 1/8" of ice all around them on the inside
and Griffin couldn't go outside to play in the glorious knee-deep snow
because the winds made it too dangerous.
The sun was hiding for four days, which made our already cave-like 
apartment seem darker.
But when tensions ran high, emergency dance parties were had.
We watched loads of movies, baked cookies, water colored, 
built Legos, and played.
We cancelled our plans to visit my in-laws 
(our second cancelled trip thanks to snow!)
so we had nowhere to be and all the time in the world.
I will admit that yesterday was tough for me. 
I'm normally a homebody but cabin fever set in big time and I was on the verge of hulking out all day.
But Matt was amazing. 
He let me nap and was totally supportive and rode out my storm.
For a short time yesterday the sun shown bright and strong.
I got out my camera and snapped a few pictures of 
Matt and Jasper playing on the couch.
This is our life right now. 
Blurry and full of love.
When I was dating Matt, my father told me to marry the man I would be fine 
being stuck in a fox hole with.

I married that man.



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