Sunday, January 19, 2014

*Project JOY* Week 2

An Instafriend and Facebook friend of mine, Mia, has challenged
anyone who wants to participate in a 52 week photo challenge. 
It's all about joy. 
Finding joy in the big and the small of our days and capturing it all. 
But for me personally, I'm not going to limit how many photos I post each week. 
I know the idea (for me) is to get out that big girl camera and use it more
but I find that if there are too many parameters set, I tend to burn out quickly if there's one time I fail to live up to the expectations.
So, some weeks I may post one photo.
Some weeks 20!
But I do like this project. 
Finding the joy in all situations is an amazing challenge for us all. 
Week 1 was last week and I just posted 2 photos to my personal Facebook page. 
But I think it's good to fold this challenge into this space. 
My little slice of the Instaworld.
Our apartment is small with little to no source of natural light. 
It has kept me from capturing our days with anything more 
than my cell phone camera.
That's another reason why I like this challenge.
It forces me to stray from what I would consider perfect and 
get these moments documented.
So, here you have it.
 The way he notices me taking pictures of him now and he 
charges the camera at warp crawl speed.
 The way they interact with each other. Jasper thinks that Griffin is pretty much the funniest thing known to man. 
Griffin thinks the same.
It's a match made in Heaven.
 The way he crawls.
 The way he drools on EVERYTHING now that he's teething.
And the way even his pained faces can look so ding dang cute.
The flushed cheeks of a teether.

Won't you join us in this challenge?
I know there are so many of them out there. 
But I'd love to see your JOY too!

Oh happy day!

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