Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virtual Coffee - The Rambling Health Edition

Happy Tuesday!
It's time for some Virtual Coffee.
Or, in my case, Virtual...well...nothing.
I don't have a drink with me right now but
if we were really meeting for coffee right now I'd tell you that
health has been on my mind.
About a month ago now I wrote about my health.
After writing that post, I wanted to dive right into a series of challenges for myself.
But I stopped.
And pondered.
And listened.
What I wrote about was my eating habits.
My lack of sleep.
My being overweight.
I wanted more energy.
More stamina.
To feel strong again.
But I stopped.
And pondered.
And listened.
And here's what I've learned about myself.
My life right now isn't just about eating right or getting strong by
blasting away the calories with kicks and punches and thumping music.
It's about s l o w i n g   d o w n.
I want to lose weight, yes.
I want to feel stronger, yes.
But first I want more energy.
I want to eat CLEANER.
I want my head cleared of fog and negativity.
I want a good foundation.
 So for the past several weeks I've been doing little things.
Oh yeah.
That sounds a leeeetle strange.
But it's awesome.
You should try it.
Just take off your shoes and run outside and play.
 I've also been turning my phone to SILENT after 6:00pm.
This might come as a shock to some of you.
But yes.
I didn't realize that the constant dings and songs and buzzes were affecting my anxiety level as much
as they were.
 These little changes have made a huge difference in my anxiety level.
I feel more rested.
I'm still getting roughly the same amount of sleep as I was.
It's just better quality.
I stand taller.
My head is clearer.
I'm eating cleaner.
All these little changes have made an impact.
And that's what I needed.
That's what my body needed.
My mind.

If we were meeting for coffee right now
I'd thank you for listening to me ramble.
And I'd remind you I'm not preaching anything.
I'm just trying to find my way here.
I'd ask you how you're doing.
Have your Littles started school yet?
How is your summer list coming along?

I'm linking up with the ever awesome Amy today.
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Oh Happy Day!


  1. It sounds like slowing down, enjoying the little things and turning your phone on silent past a certain time is doing you good. =D Keep it up, it can only get better right? Your pictures are beautiful.

    If we were having coffee and you asked those things I would tell you that I know the feeling of being tired, because lately I have been. It seems like I never have enough energy, but besides that i'm not doing too bad. I seem to be on the go all the time now that our "school" schedule has started and i'm getting anxious about opening my shop in 8 days, along with feeling a bit overwhelmed. But all in all, not too bad.

    My little one's aren't in school, but during the school year I do "classes" with them. They are really loving this. =D

  2. Turning off the phone after 6 pm. I LOVE that idea. I think I will see if that helps some issues I have been having with anxiety. Beautiful pictures !!