Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whittling The Summer List - New Crayons

We've crossed another item off our summer list.
Making new crayons out of our broken ones!
It was super easy.
I'll show you how!
 I went ahead and nabbed a new muffin tin from the store
instead of using one that I bake with.
Is that weird?
 Then we
(by "we" I mean "me" while Hurricane Griffin ripped through the house)
tore all the paper from the crayons...
 ...and placed them in the muffin tins.
I preheated the oven to 275 degrees and baked the crayons for roughly 8 minutes.
At 8 minutes there were still a few chunky bits in a few of the tins so I left them
in the oven a bit longer and took them out when fully melted.
 They looked like this when they were fully melted.
I let the tin cool at room tempurature until I could touch it with my bare hands
then placed it in the freezer.
 After about 3-5 minutes in the freezer, these little beauties popped right out!
Everywhere I read told me to spray the tins with non stick spray
but years of putting candles in the freezer to pop out old wax told me that
this should work without non stick spray and I was right.
(It's the little things.)

 Friends, meet Sock Hand.
Sock hand is sneaky.
 They turned out so cute!
I'd love to hear about any fun summer lists or projects you are working on!

Happy Friday!


  1. Those look very cute!! I never thought about making new crayons when the boys broke their crayons. I'm going to file this into my memory so I can do this when they break them again because they look so neat! Thanks for sharing! =D

  2. They look great! How fun!! Thanks for the freezer tip... Who wants greasy crayons, anyway??