Monday, August 1, 2011

Spreading The Bloglove

A whole week.
A whole week since I came here.
I am super excited to say that I've been so incredibly busy with my photography!
My head still isn't above water yet with editing but that's okay.
I'll get there.
Any spare second I've spent away from Photoshop or on shoots,
I've spent it at my day job, or cleaning the house, or spending much needed
time with my boys.

But I do make time to read the blogs I love.
Every day.
They uplift me.
Challenge me.
Make me think.
Make me strive to be better.
Make me laugh.
Inspire me.
And so often they make me "get over myself".

I thought I'd spread some bloglove and share my favorites with you.

Meg at Whatever.
She is a woman who tells it like it is.
So refreshing!
Her recipes are scrumptious.
Her crafts are always inspiring.
Her commitment to her husband and children are amazing.
Her heart. It's huge.
Oh yeah, and her photos rock. Totally.

Cherish at Kiwi Freckles.
I love this girl.
Her design and style are just. totally. fabulous.
She's uplifting and positive.
And I love the images on her blog.
Not posed or over processed.
She takes pictures in a way that make me feel like I'm really there with her.
Hard to do.
And I want her hair! :)

Shauna at The Reed Life.
This woman has a depth of soul and a well of strength that I totally draw from.
Her insights into being a mom and a woman really make me think.
Her faith is strong.
Her love for her children is fierce.
And oh em gee her photos are beautiful.
But she lives in CA.
Everything is sun-drenched and beautiful there!

I love her eye for vintage treasures.
And I love her heart.
It aches like mine does at times and I love that she shares.
I don't feel alone.

Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.
I want her house.
I adore that she's really going strong professionally doing what she really loves to do.
Such an inspiration.

Single most crafty and talented person I've (virtually) known.
Every post spawns a fresh new idea and perspective.
Her photos are spot on amazing
and when she does open up about her personal life you want to pay attention.
Lessons to be learned.

New to the group is Madeline Bea.
Man are her images moving.
When I have more time, I'll read more into her story.
But for now.
Eye. Candy.
Post processing heaven.

Her blog is so dang cheerful!
Her ideas about organization - not just in the home but in life - are addicting and always
super easy to pick up and do.
This is one happy gal who loves what she does.
Loves her family.
Loves design.
Loves color.
Loves organization and simplicity.
And boy does it show.
She. Rocks.

'Nuff said.

For those of you who don't follow many blogs and think you don't have time...just check out a few.
Not every single person blogs every day so some days I'll check
and only two have written for the day.
But these are the women who inspire me.

I hope to meet them all one day.
Until then, I'll see them on Facebook!

Check them out!
You will be happier for it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind and sweet words! You, my friend, are an inspiration as well! More than you know!!


  2. Awesome! I recognize a handful of those blogs. I have my special few that I visit all the time, too! :0) Congrats on being busy doing what you LOVE!