Sunday, July 24, 2011

That Mom, Toenails, and Style

The moment I gave birth to Griffin I knew that I would let him try things.
Things that may seem a little "out there" to some.
Things that interest him.
As long as these interests won't hurt him, I'm all for it.
My first thought was the inevitable kid mohawk.
I knew I'd let him try it.
But this came first.
 He has noticed my toe nails. They've been sparkly lately.
He wanted paint on his nails too.
We went with a manly color. Black.
I know in my heart that if I just say no no no no to things that he wants to try
that are really quite harmless, it would drive him to want it more than anything.
So I want him to try different things.
Either he likes them or not.
But he gets it out of his system.
 He even did a fabulous job of being patient and waiting on the couch until the polish dried.
 While we were at it, we painted Daddy's nails too.
 He loves them.
I love that he tried something new.
And it made him feel good about himself.
I'm comfortable being this kind of mother.
I mean, I did name my child Rockstar.
Hubs and I can't be sporting tattoos and not be open-minded.

Before you get all judge-y, I'm here to tell you that I'm not crazy.
We don't let him stay up late and eat mounds of sugar and let him watch shoot 'um ups.
We are relaxed in our house.
We are loud.
We love to create.
We love to wrestle and dance.
But we have rules.
He have schedules.
We teach manners.
We love.

And we are just giving this crazy kiddo a small sense of his own style.
Totally observed.
Totally approved of.
Totally honored.

(Why do I feel I must defend myself?)
(Do you other mothers feel this way often?)

Happy Sunday!


  1. No judging here! I've let my little boy have painted nails, too! :0)

  2. Ha haaaaaa!!!!! Love it!!!! Griffin looks ecstatic. And that first picture of his little stretched out toes is so stinking cute!

  3. Lol that is soo cute and hilarious that your hubby went along with it too! I think we defend ourselves, because we think others are going to judge us as soon as they read or see something. No judging from me! Your an awesome momma! =D

  4. no worries, i let my boy do it when he was younger too, now he likes to paint my toes and his sister's toes and he actually does a decent job ; ) i love that daddy joined in too, cute!

  5. my boys always ask to have their nails painted. i usually oblige by doing their pinky nails on their hands but toes are an even better idea! maybe i'll suggest that next time. no need to defend yourself. you're doing the right thing. rules where there needs to be rules and relaxation where there doesn't need to be. good job mama!

  6. You are a good momma! He is with you all day and wants to do what you do. My son used to do the same thing. I think it's natural and sweet! I love your openness to letting him be him and feel comfortable and loved. That's how more mom should be! Not afraid. Good Job Momma!