Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Virtual Coffee - Birthday Edition

It's time for some Virtual Coffee!
In my case, however, it will be Virtual-Late-Night-Snack-Of-Birthday-Cake.
Won't you join me?
Today Griffin turned 3.
I spent the entire day thinking about that day 3 years ago.
Do we all do that?
I hope so.
Let's not forget our toughness.
At 6:32pm I gave birth to chaos.
And joy.
We named him Griffin Rockstar and he is the funniest, kindest, most polite,
opinionated, fiercest, loudest, best kid I know.
He easily tests boundaries but is always quick to amend with a stern look from me.
How did I get so lucky?

Matt and I both took off work today.
It was a fabulous day from beginning to end. 
 We got him a bike for his birthday and he just loved it.
Hugged it.
Kissed it.
Sat on it while watching T.V.
 We went outside first thing this morning to ride for a few minutes before it got nasty hot.
 We went into his room when he woke up and the first thing out of his mouth?
Cake it is, sir.
For breakfast.
(Don't judge.)
 It was a simple cake but I loved it.
Dude loves sprinkles.
Luuuuuuuuuuurves sprinkles.
Puts sprinkles on everything.
So I just baked a cake, iced it, and put every last sprinkle I had on it.
(yes...fist pump to myself)

 Dive right in, bud.
Happy breakfast!

 Every now and then I get in front of the camera.
 For his special birthday treat, we took him to his very first movie at the movie theater.
Cars 2
He. Was. Psyched!
Wore his Lightning McQueen shirt and sat through the whole movie like a champ.
Better and more fun than I could've imagined.
No foolin'.
It was awesome.
The kid that can't sit still and talks and talks and talks just sat there.
And every now and then would get out of his chair and just stand there in front of it.
He was ready to go about 15 minutes before the end of the film so I'm glad I brought
Mr. Frog and some juice with me.
Content once more.
 Hubs said it best.
Today was the kind of day that made you really stop and take in every moment.
It was such a good day.
Such a special day full of firsts.
The kind of day that will get you through bad days when you think back on it.
We had our cake and ate it too.

Happy birthday to you, my little Rockstar.
God knew exactly what I needed in a child when He sent me you.
We just get each other.
I so so so love that.
I will never take your genuineness for granted.
I will always strive to let you be loud when you need to let it out.
I will always be there to listen.
I will strive to breathe in every squeezy hug you give me.
(Because you give the very best hugs)
I will strive to be the very best person I can be for you.
I will strive to lead by example.
I will always give you my last BBQ potato chip.
I will always kiss your ouchies.
The ones on your knees now.
And the ones on your heart later.
And I will fiercely love you.


I am linking up with Amy today.
(Hi, Amy! Soon we are going to try to make ice cream in zip lock bags! Love!!)

Oh Happy Day!


  1. Happy Birthday to your little man! What an amazing, special day. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Griffin Rockstar!!! Looks like you had the best day ever!!!! I love your message to him at the end. Made me sniffle too!

  3. what a lucky, lucky boy!! wish i had you for a mama :)

  4. ahhh, so sweet. beautiful pictures of all of you, what a cute little boy you have there-but you knew that! : ) happy birthday a little late and thanks for joining in for coffee!

  5. Just got to read this now. Love this post. Love the pics of you and Griffin and Matt and Griffin. So fun! Such joy! :)