Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Grass

I live off of a country road.
I live in a now quite developed town
and that poor road, which was not made for heavy traffic or construction,
is just awful now.
We are getting a new road.
A wider, more stable road.
What stinks about that is that the cornfields that run along the length of the road will lose
several feet in.
A few weeks ago,
big, loud machines first mashed down all the corn that needed to go away.
Mashed. Flat.
A day or two after that happened,
something caught my eye.
Several stalks of corn had popped back up.
To full attention at that.
 It made me think of something that I heard long ago.
This particular stretch of land is under attack.
And yet there are several stalks that right themselves.
I passed by this stalk every day for about a week before big machines
came again and tore up the land.
Every time I passed that stalk I smiled.
Here it is. Tall and proud amidst chaos.

There are miracles in this world.
There is beauty in this world.
All of the most amazing things about this world are seemingly effortless.
You can burn it.
You can flood it.
You can tear it up.
And after a long rest, it will grow back.

Right now, my days are wracked with worry and anxiety.
I don't like to talk about my fears too much.
I don't want to give them power.
But seeing that stalk of corn and what it reminded me of has been a great comfort.
No matter what I'm going through.
No matter what tomorrow brings.
God works way bigger miracles all around me.
So much of a miracle that it seems effortless.
Like growing grass.
So my problems?
My worries?
My fears?
He's got it.

Try to rise above your life and look down.
We don't strain to grow.
Our hearts beat.
Our hair grows.
Our skin freckles.
We encounter hurdles.
We overcome them.
One way or another.
Over a day's time.
Or over years.

I'm going to be okay.
And so are you.

Happy Thursday!

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