Monday, July 11, 2011

Grant's Farm, Turtle Tongues, and Sprinkles

Rachael visited us a few weeks ago.
Matt took the whole week off work and I took a day too.
It was actually one of the very last awesome weather days here in St. Louis before it
turned dangerous hot.
We went to Grant's Farm.
For all of you who might live near the St. Louis area, check out their website.
It such a neat place to take your family!
It's free, the only way to get there is by a little TRAIN (awesome),
there's a carousel, brats, free beer tasting for the adults (it's owned by the Busch family),
and you can get SO close to the animals.
So close.
 The only lens I had with me was a 50mm fixed.
So yeah, CLOSE.
The picture above makes me laugh every time!
This Llama was just like a cat, rubbing his lips and gums along the edges of things.
 Excited to be on the train headed to the farm!
The ride there is awesome.
You get to see lots of animals roaming around and pass the cabin that 
Ulysses S. Grant built himself!
Awesome stuff.
Yay history!
 The owl was beautiful.
Carmelita is her name.
Rachael and I were there with her and her handler and we found out that she is
14 years OLDER than Rachael!
I didn't know owls could live for so long!
 Griffin had his first ever carousel ride.
He LOVED it.
Then about half way through he didn't.
Did. Not. Love. It. Anymore.
It was a long last few minutes.
 You can feed all the animals too.
Griffin giggled when the Llama's lips tickled his hands.
 Oh the mist machine.
I might get some more housework done if I just built one of these for the backyard.
Griffin went through it about a million and one times.
Dragging him away from it was quite a scene.
 Happy to be soaking wet on a hot day.
I love this picture.
I don't think I've ever seen a turtle tongue before this.
I don't think I've even thought about a turtle tongue before this.
What do I think now?
It's kinda gross.
But how cool is it that this turtle is almost 60 years old?!
So cool.


Today Griffin is 2.
Tomorrow he will be 3.
Tonight I'm baking him a cake.
A cake with as many sprinkles as I can get my hands on.
The kid puts sprinkles on everything.
Dude is going to love it!

Happy Monday!

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