Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Virtual Coffee - A Simple Day

Happy Tuesday!
It's time for Virtual Coffee.
Or, in my case, Virtual Smirnoff Ice.
If we were really together for coffee libation right now, I'd tell you that
starting this week, I've gone down to working my day job 4 days a week.
This is mondo huge for me as a mother and wife.
And yesterday was simply perfect.
No work.
Just play.
And I cleaned the house like a madwoman.
It was good.
So good.
 We couldn't really be outside for too long because of the heat
(The devil called. He wants his weather back. Eeeesh it's hot here!)
so we just stayed indoors and played with new toys that my sister brought with her from TX.
Like a pop up tent.
That fills up the living room.
I could just look at him all day.
 We read and read and read.
And watched movies.
And made cookies!
Griffin wanted Double Doozies.
Chocolate Chip cookies with vanilla buttercream sandwiched in the middle.
Oh. My. Thighs.
They are good.
 Every time I make Chocolate Chip cookies, I first roll the cookie dough in some raw sugar.
Then bake.
Hubs won't have it any other way.
You should try it!
"Fust you have to roll out the dough, Mommy! It important!"
He was telling me all about how to make frosting.
 Remember that awesome fabric I nabbed?
I made a simple apron and I luuuuurve it.
So cute.

Dude wanted green frosting.

It was a simple day.
Fun, lazy, snuggly.
The kind of day I've been so needing.

And to end the day on an even higher note, Hubs bought me a DVD of Rachael Ray.
We recently got rid of cable so I lost all the Rachael Rays that I used to watch.
When I went into labor the only thing that would keep me calm were her shows.
Now I can watch them again!

Thanks for listening to me ramble about my day.
Normally people wouldn't blog about such a boring day.
But in these times.
Times of worry.
Times of anxiety.
Times of struggle.
It's nice to post about the simple things.
The little things.
Because the little things?

They aren't so little.

I'm linking up with Amy today.
For more Cawfee Tawk, head on over to hear blog!
You will love her.
I promise.
Oh happy day!


  1. Great pictures! It is not a boring post, it makes me remember to stop and enjoy fun times with my little ones! Have a great day!

  2. Those cookies look amazing!! YUM! I love the idea to roll them in raw sugar. Definitely trying that next time!!!
    Your little guy is cuuuuuuuuuute!

  3. Oh...it's the simple things I love to read about. So no worries.

    Those cookies look delish. I'd take a dozen with a tall glass cold milk...need something to beat this hades heat.

    Also, awesome for you about the four day work week...I would TOTALLY dig that. I'd get so much done it'd be sublime.

    Thanks, for coffee (libations), and have a great rest of the week.

  4. Ok- #1 SO excited to have you a part of the challenge! and #2...your pictures are AMAZING. what editing software do you use?

  5. Loved the tent pic. So glad you guys are having fun with the toys and clothes. Love you and miss you!