Saturday, November 26, 2011

Angry Birds, Football, and Posey-Posey Pictures

Thanksgiving Day morning this year
was probably one of the most relaxing and fun
holiday mornings we've had in recent memory.
This kids played catch and Dominos and Angry Birds.
 We watched parades
 and football.

We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pizza rolls for lunch.
 Then we had a Christmas Card Shoot.
With our blended family, there is always limited time to get some posey-posey photos of the kids.
Sitting on the couch, I was going over the time we had Rachael with us and when we could fit
a shoot in.
We literally had 45 minutes to do it.
I had the whole family dressed, camera ready, and on location in 20 minutes.
They were all really great sports and we got some awesome shots!

We played outside in the freak 65 degree weather then headed home to eat, drink, and be merry.
Well, Matt and I had a drink.
But we were all merry.

Happy TDay to you all!

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