Friday, November 11, 2011

Pinned It, Did It, Done Friday

Welcome to the first edition of
Pinned It, Did It, Done Friday.

I love Pinterest.
I know you do too.
In college I used to collage all the time.
I would collage everything.
Notebooks, my dorm room door, my walls.
Pinterest is a way for me to collage again, in a matter of speaking.
It's a way for me to visualize what I love.
See patterns.
Learn new things.

But most importantly, I think it's meant for me to experience new things.
Not just view them from the other side of my computer.
This is why I am beginning Pinned It, Did It, Done Fridays.

I will be doing/seeing/creating/cooking (whathaveyou) one pin per week and posting it here.
It might be really really simple. Something that takes 5 minutes.
Or it might be a work in progress that may take 5 months.
Whatever it is, it gets the creativity out of my head and into action.

Here we go!
 My first pin done.
"Lucky Us"
Pennies collected with dates that are most important to me.
Dates that represent my family.
Holes drilled, attached to keychain, BOOM.
And so great.
I smile each time I see them on my keychain.

Happy Friday!

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