Monday, May 2, 2011

Comparison, Ramblings, and Swagger

Comparison is the thief of Joy.

I read that awhile ago and boy has it been on my mind.
I love the blogs that I'm dedicated to reading.
I love the women who write them.
Like herher & her.
I read their words and they fill me up. I love that.
I love the things I learn from these blogs.
From new recipes to thoughts on parenting to creative projects to internal challenges.
But I also hate how I compare myself.
My little house.
My lack of tons of children running through the house.
Not being a young mom.
You get the picture.
When it really started to bother me I thought maybe I shouldn't follow so closely.
But really I just want to teach myself NOT to feel this way.
My life as it is right now is nowhere near what I thought it would be.
But who's is?
 Don't get me wrong now.
There is a great and powerful force of joy and love in my life.
I'm grateful for what I DO have.
Every bit of it.
 I am struggling with this blog at times.
I would love for this blog to be a vehicle to give back to people.
Giveaways, Linkys, creative people meeting other creative people.
But here comes the comparison again.
Who wants to read the ramblings of me?
I only have two children.
Only one lives with me.
I lead a very quiet little life.
I work too much.
 Each week - several times a week - we go for a walk with G and pick out rocks.

Each week we raise the level of the lakes and canals at our house with these rocks.
We watch movies, try to get G to eat something other than carbs, do crafts, & bake.
Who wants to read about that?
The blogs that I love to read have houses FULL of children.
I would love that.
 But I'm going to press on.
I used to journal.
I don't anymore.
This has become my journal of sorts.
I've decided to create an album of this blog every year.
Did you know you can do that?
You can.
Go here to find out.
I want a reminder of the little moments.
I know our life won't be like this forever.
And how easily we forget from year to year.
But I want to remember.
And when we finally DO have more kids, I want to laugh at myself.
I want to reread this post and laugh and laugh about how I once wanted to be surrounded by chaos.
 I'm also going to be a bit more open.
Like using names.
Griffin, Matt, Rachael.
There. Names. For those of you who don't know.
We've been working on skipping.
I'm proud of him!
He's got his right side down pat. The left side just sort of shuffles along.
But hey. He's got swagger to cover it.
I also gave him a hair cut.

See? Exciting stuff going on here.

Happy Monday!


  1. You are absolutely fabulous and you are right not to compare because there truly is no comparison. You have words that uplift, an incredible eye for photography and the gift of not burning the outside of your brownies while the middle is still runny {not saying I have done that recently... but hey, who's comparing}. Much love to you and your kind heart!


  2. good for you! just be yourself and that always shines's okay to admire all of those other people, i certainly do, but remember that they feel the same way as you at times! : )