Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Joplin, MO has been weighing heavy on my
heart and mind this week.
My In-Laws live there and what they've told me over the phone
seems like a movie.
How can that be real?
My Sister-In-Law didn't see it coming.
I don't think many did.
She and her family were in Wal-Mart shopping one minute
and the next minute there was daylight, wind, and rain in her face.
I saw a picture of the Wal-Mart.
The next time I talked to her I told her I loved her.  
 Here in St. Charles we've been having crazy weather as well but no tornado sirens until today.
Mainly just really blustery, warm afternoons.
Like, Piglet blustery.
The kind where you can feel the energy in the air.
 About an hour before a storm the other afternoon, Matt, Griffin, and I went outside.
I layed in the grass for the first time since I was little.
I watched the clouds.
I watched Griffin run and run with the wind in his hair.
Matt spun Griffin in circles.
So grateful for our home and just being together.

It was a special hour.
So free.
So full of laughter.
So full of love.
I think we can have more of those times if we just played more.
Not worry about shooting the wolf closest to the door.
Not solving our and every one else's problems.
Just break out of the daily routine.
For an hour.
And just run and spin.
And watch the clouds.

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