Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day, Placemats, and Time

I had a good Mother's Day.
Matt let me sleep in.
Griffin told me I could sleep in by running into my room first thing, jumping up and down on the bed
next to me and yelling, "Happy Muvuhs Day, Mommy! You close eyes!".
It was a rambunctious but good start to my day.
I wound up sleeping for another 3 hours after that.
 I also had time to make these placemats.
I love them!
I fell in love with this fabric that I got at Patches on Main Street.
I immediately knew I wanted to make placemats with it.
I made a simple 3 layer placemat with two pieces of fabric and a bath towel sandwiched in between.
I just sewed it all together along a binding strip.
I'm not that great with a sewing machine so the seams aren't perfect but it gets the job done.

 He picked "Cat in Hat" as the mat he wanted to use first.

It was a good day.
Nothing special or out of the ordinary.
But so special.
I just wanted some time and I got it.
Time to sleep in.
Time to make the placemats.
Time to do a blog post.
Time to edit pictures.
Just some quiet time.
I think I need more of that.

It makes me a better Mommy.

Happy Monday!

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I love Heather's blog.
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  2. I just love your blog. Your pictures and stories always make me smile.