Saturday, July 14, 2012


 Griffin turned 4 on Thursday. It was a fantastic day. 
As is his tradition, he got to eat his birthday cake for breakfast. 
He opened his gifts and mid gift-opening, he declared it the best birthday ever. 
Then he gave out hugs. 
Big neck squeezers. 
It was such a great moment for me. 
In these times of financial strife and uncertainty, Griffin was so crazy happy with what he was given.
I do not deserve him.

 We went to Sky Zone. It's an indoor, wall-to-wall trampoline gym. 
Griffin has a quiet leader personality. He observes, stays on the outskirts of chaos,
 and when he opens his mouth, kids listen to him.
He is tentative on his own, normally. 
But as soon as he stepped foot on the trampolines, his seldom shown fearlessness came out.
He did flips and rolls and "HEY! WATCH WHAT I CAN DO!" 
He jumped passed the big kids and adults, never being afraid of getting hit. 
He just knew where to go.
Proud Mama here.
 He asked for an ice cream cone cupcake birthday cake. 
This was the outcome!
He loved it.
Later my mother took us to Chuck E Cheese. 
It's not my favorite. 
But I have to admit that this particular Chuck E Cheese location did an overhaul.
It wasn't as crowded, they expanded the inside, the games were more for Griffin's age, 
and the food was pretty good. 
Griffin had a blast. 
He roamed free, dragging his Nana wherever he went. She bought a seemingly endless supply of tokens and when it was time to leave, there weren't any tantrums. 

It was a good good day.
Quiet, low key. 
Just us. 
Griffin was grateful for everything. 
And I am grateful for that. 

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