Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craft Weekend - Done on a Monday - Posted on a Tuesday

It's been a whole week since I've posted!
I don't like not posting on this blog.
I love this blog.
It has also been several weeks since Family Craft Time.
I don't like that either.
We love our Craft Time.
We love to see G get more and more into it with each activity.
I've seen several of my favorite blogs post this activity.
Watercolor on those little doilies.
Boy did G get into it!
"Dip dip, Mommy!" into the water.
I think I've mentioned....a gazillion times....about how much I love
the fact that Hubs
gets so into our Crafts.
(AKA "Craps")
This week's craft music was Imagination Movers.
Love those guys!

Again with the awesomeness.
Daddy needed a drink.
Daddy put said drink too close to an excited G.
Said drink becomes "Dip dip, Mommy!!".
Wine makes for very pretty water color.
Can you locate the Wine-Colored doilies?
We didn't get to do our craft until late last night so the lighting here is icky but we had such fun.
Generic paints, brushes, and Wilton small doilies from Wal-Mart
were all less than $6.
I'm going to string these together and hang them from the window.

Happy Tuesday!
Virtual Coffee will return next Tuesday!

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