Saturday, March 12, 2011

Link Love - A Day Late

I'm a day late for showing some Link Love but there's a heck of a lot of awesomeness out there!

Come April this baby is m.i.n.e.
Everything about this blog is amazing.
I would love to make this beauty for St. Patrick's Day.
I think this will be my next lens purchase.
I love these actions. Love love love. Love.
Have you checked out this blog? Her "What I Wore Wednesday" is just awesome.
I love every single one of her outfits.
I wish she had cankles, big boobs, and birthin' hips so she could teach me how to dress.

Head on over to Cherish's blog for some more lovely link love!

Personal note to Cherish...
I love your blog. Love.
That is all.

Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. so happy you linked up!
    that camera bag is beautiful!
    those actions are amazing!
    thanks for your sweet words... you really made my day! :)