Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day With G, Fruit Art, and Potato Soup

This morning we woke up to this.
It was beautiful.
AND I didn't have to drive in it.
I worked from home.
I got to spend the day with G.
It has been 2 very long weeks since I worked from home and spent any good amount of time with him.
So smilely. All day.
We made....fruit art?
Whatever it was, G was totally into it.
We made big messes.
And I didn't worry about constantly cleaning up behind us.
Yeah yeah...Work.
Plenty of Hot Cocoa.
I'm psyched that the cold of winter isn't over yet for only this reason.
What is your favorite kind of Hot Cocoa?
I actually love Ovaltine.
With milk it's rich and creamy and chocolatey.
Perfect for me.
I bet it would be masterful with some Marshmallow Fluff melted in.
This is my favorite mug.
Makes me smile.
We watched lots of movies.
We are so spoiled with Netflix Instant.
G wanted to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and A Town Called Panic.
If you have never watched Panic, you need to.
It's so funny. Weird. So weird. But funny!
It's a French stop animation film.
G finds it HILARIOUS. :)
I had to get a picture of this.
This is not a site that is seen often in the house.
A sleeping G.
Potato Soup for dinner.
After 4 years of Hubs getting home super late from work, he now gets home at 5:30!
Family dinners, family time, craft time, games, Hubs and Cassie time...
Yes please!

It was a good day. A normal, boring, little Monday.

Happy Monday!

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