Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mountains of Laundry, Playgrounds, and Relaxing

I was home today.
This is a good thing.
I got to clean the house.
I tackled a mountain of laundry.
It felt good.
I cleaned cat puke out of the shower.
That did not feel good.
I love maintaining my home.
It makes me feel important and needed.
Is that weird?
It has been so brown and rainy and dreary here lately.
But we got a bit of a respite today so we headed out to the playground.
It felt good to be home.
It felt good to get out and play as a family.

Hubs and I haven't spent much time together the past several weeks.
We've hunkered down while I've been working crazy hours.
He's been Mr. Mom and has been doing such an amazing job!
But today we were together and we found that it was hard to be together.
We had to get acclimated to one another again.
We worked through it.
It was good.

Right now I'm relaxing.
Staying warm under an old T-Shirt quilt, watching Emma, and blogging.
What a great end to an awesome day.

Happy Saturday!

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