Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virtual Coffee - Soda, Lists, and Momguilt

Hello, friends!
It's Tuesday so it's time for Virtual Coffee.
Or as you know it here on my blog...Virtual Diet Coke.
Only one thing.
I'm trying to cut out soda.
I know.
I'm a leeeeettle on edge. But I'm trying.
I'm working on drinking just one soda a day.
Wish me luck!
If we were really together right now we would be under a cozie blanket on my couch.
It's cold here in my house.
Celebrity Ghost Stories is on the Boob Tube. 

Today I took a 1/2 hour and just dumped my brain onto a piece of paper.
Everything that is constantly rattling around in my head that causes me some sort of stress that I feel I have to remember because it is important. 
I just dumped it all. 
It wound up being a sort of Resolutions list. 

Little things like
*take wedding ring in to be cleaned* 
*redo vision board*
*clean out car*
And big things like
*be more present with G*
*be kinder and more respectful to Hubs*
*consistently write down achievable goals*

I'm a list person.
I make lists everyday.
For work.
For chores at home.
For schedules.
But rarely do I make such a personal list for myself.
I should do this more.
I need to keep reminding myself that


Such easy words to type.
Not so easy to live.
Especially when you are a Mama.
One of my smaller items on the list was
*get regular pedicures*
Guilt sets in when I want to leave to go get a pedicure.
But when I get back, I'm calmer, happier, ready to take on life again.
Anyone else have issues with Momguilt?
Knowing that you need a respite, a retreat, a break but feel weak for needing that?
I know you're out there. Let's talk about it!

Thanks for the virtual talk.
I'd love to hear from you!
For more Virtual Coffee head over to Lucky Number 13!

I have to post this picture.
Is there anything cuter than a toddler in jeans?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Cassie- good luck on the pop (soda?) thing. i usually go several days in between having one at all but wish i could cut i tout completely. But i'm not gonna lie, I LOVE a diet dr.pepper with crushed ice. yum. I totally get the mom guilt thing although I don't really suffer from it...I did periodically when I first became a mom though : ) I was just working on a post about this very thing and think it's interesting how other moms/families handle it. thanks for coffee!