Sunday, March 6, 2011

Craft Weekend - Mardi Gras Mask!

Happy Mardi Gras Weekend!
For family craft night this weekend we helped G make a Mardi Gras mask.
For all of our craft nights so far, G has wanted to be in the room.
Wanted to participate.
In his own way.
Tonight was different.
He was psyched!
One look at the glitter and he. was. ready.
I think he was looking forward to the glitter all day.
Something about spilling 1/2 a jar of glitter in Wal-Mart with Daddy.
He really wanted to be hands on.
Hubs and I had a blast watching him really create for the first time.
Then of course, he dumped some glitter on the table and was a gonner.
He just absentmindedly swirled his fingers and feathers in the glitter for the rest of the craft.
Silly boy.
I, on the other hand, am really proud of myself.
I didn't mind the glitter that was flying everywhere.
On our clothes.
On our hands.
On the floor, the chairs, MY CAMERA.
I was just in the moment.
Loving every single messy minute.
As always, Hubs really got into it.
I love that.
After making the mask, Hubs just swirled some glue and glitter on a plate.
"It so beautbul, Daddy!"

Next week is going to be another long week.
Long hours at work & long hours in between seeing my boys.
Last week I missed this blog, I missed stalking my favorite blogs, I missed listening to my favorite music & eating well.
I'm going to work really hard this week at balancing my obligations and what fills my soul.

Happy Sunday!

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