Sunday, February 13, 2011

Craft Weekends - Paper Plate Tambourine

We got our kitchen table!
Hubs and I weren't looking forward to our first family meal as much as we were looking forward to crafting together as a family here.
It didn't really go as planned.
G was wasn't feeling well and wasn't too into the craft this time but we still had fun.
 Hubs can always make G smile.
 See? G was super sinusy. As in "I lub u, Bobby" but he was in a good mood. He usually is.
I'm so spoiled. Man, he's cute. Even with the Einstein-y bed head.
 G was super into the process but didn't want to do it himself.
So both Hubs and I wound up talking our way through it, all T.V. style.
It made us laugh. Next time I think I'll be Martha Stewart and Hubs will be Guy Fieri.
 I love how much Hubs got into this. He's so down for anything.

 This is G "helping". "Look, Bobby, I helping!".
 Voila! Paper plate tambourines!

 Have you ever tried uncooked rice? You'd probably make this face too.

So there you have it. Our first craft together on our new table!
I know. You're stoked.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Hubs and I exchanged gifts this evening.
We don't normally exchange gifts. We never really have, even for Christmas. But for some reason, we both got each other gifts this year. I like this. I think we should continue on with the gift giving. :)

Today got up to 65 degrees. AND it was sunny. Hats off to ya, God. How did you know I needed that?
I don't usually drive with the windows down. My hair blows everywhere and it's so annoying.
 I'm so high maintenance.
But today I drove with the windows down. It messed up my hair and I didn't care. It felt divine. 

Happy Sunday!

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