Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puffs, Light Bulbs, and Movie Night

Have you ever used these?
Puffs plus lotion AND Vicks.
Hubs said it right...It's right up there with Internet and Discovering Fire.
I just used the very last of these.
I think I might cry.
Too late to ask Hubs to go to Wal-Mart to get more?

It has been a busy week for me but I've also had a lot of down time in bed trying to
 recover from this dang cold. 
I don't like having a lot of time to think. Usually my mind starts reeling with the millions of things that I SHOULD be doing instead of laying in bed and feeling like a slug. Then I feel like a bad mom because Hubs has to take over. Man, it spirals quickly, doesn't it?
But this week, my thoughts have been pretty happy.
I had lunch with a fellow photographer. Boy did it feel good to spend some time with someone who shares my passion and is so intense and awesome about it! It was so refreshing and uplifting.
She was so open and helpful!
It was good. So good.
Since I sat on the couch more this week, I observed G more.
He has such an amazing spirit.
Oh to be 2.
To bust out random dance moves.
To sit perfectly still on the floor then JUMP UP and run back and forth from one end of the house to the other over and over 5 times then sit back down as though it never happened.
To say something nonsensical then throw your head back and laugh and slap your knee.
"I punny, Mommy! I makin' sense!" 
I saw many light bulbs go off this week.
I saw him GET IT as it was happening.
It's an amazing thing to witness.
Even the little things.
Getting over a fear.
Dude doesn't like to be messy. I tried bubbles once in the bath and it FREAKED him out.
I tried it again this week.
Then...a dip of the finger.
Then a scoop of bubbles with his hand.
Then this.
Total submersion.
Loved every minute.
I wish I were that brave. 

R is here with us for the weekend and G is sooooo happy his Sissy is here with him.
Tonight was pizza dinner and Despicable Me. My mother came over.
G did pretty good. Didn't run around too much.
After the movie I declared it time for jammies. Dude marched right upstairs.
Came down for night nights then back upstairs for bed.
Well, he came down one more time for another round of kisses.
But then back upstairs without a peep.
Tomorrow is craft day.
I love weekends.

Happy Saturday!

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