Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sickies, Blogs, and Nakey Laps

I wish I were there.
But instead I've been at home, sick in bed. Boo.
Luckily, today was one of three days a week that G goes to a sitter's house for a few hours.
Unluckily, I still had to work.
I propped myself up best I could in bed and I tried my hardest not to sound too awful when the guys from work called me.
I am blessed to be able to do my work from home when needed.
I know this.

During my breaks I read this blog.
I love Meg.
I want to move into her house and have my family be adopted by her family.
She has 5 kids.
What's 4 more peeps?

It was warm today. 70 degrees.
I was stuck in bed. Boo.
BUT I did shut off the heater and open all the windows. That was nice.
Everything outside is kind of brown and muddy from the winter Snowpocolypse melting but the sun and the warm breeze felt delicious.
Apparently it felt good to G too. When it gets warm, he wants as little clothing on his body as possible.
I think little boys were really meant to be naked.
He thinks he's faster when he's naked. Right before bath time he likes to streak through the house as fast as possible. Hubs calls this the Nakey Lap. It's a thing of wonder. :)

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with this gal.
Isn't she beautiful?
I want her hair. :)
I'm super excited to be able to connect with another photographer face to face.
That is something that has been missing for me.
I hope I'm able to hide that I don't really know what I'm doing yet! Bah.

Happy Wednesday!

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