Friday, February 18, 2011

High Heels, Potty Training, and a Head Full of Snot

Hubs has been such a rock star this week.
Every single night after he has come home I have either had to get back to work or I've been
sick enough that I've needed to head to bed.
He hasn't once complained.
He totally jumps in, takes over G duty, picks up the house, does his chores in the morning,
& takes care of me.
I love my husband.
Love love love.
 Do your children constantly wear your shoes?
G looks so darn cute in these shoes but he would much prefer my high heels.
Oh yes. You heard me right.
And he totally rocks them.
 This is what G's hair looks like most of the time. Curly in the back, poker straight in the front.
And he's got this one weird patch of hair right in the middle that is a
different texture than the rest of his hair.
It's course and it is CONSTANTLY sticking out.
I cannot control it.
 See this bottom?
We will soon be entering the world of potty training.
I am looking forward to saving boat loads of cash soon.
I am not looking forward to the training.
Wish me luck!
This beauty will be visiting us tomorrow!
This is the last time we saw her. Right before the Snopocalypse.
G misses his Sissy!
Can't wait to see her, bake something, watch movies, and play.

Not really too much else on my mind right now.
This was kind of random but hey. My head is full of snot.

Happy Friday!

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