Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Fix - The Little Things

It's about the little things.
Crayons and where they are stored.
Take G's crayons. They are stuffed in this wee little plastic container.
Notice no lid.
That's because there are too many crayons for this container.
Should I get a bigger, yet still ugly plastic container?
 Or should I fork over a whole dollar at the antique shop and get an old Mason Jar?
See? Much better.
AND I can head out this weekend and get him more crayons because there's more room! 
AND I can have this cute jar out on an open shelf (enter tiny house and no storage) and not have to worry about ugly containers. Double points.

Am I being silly? Maybe. But for me, it's about the little things.
 The simple fixes that make life just a little bit easier and prettier.
 Even if it's a jar full of crayons.


  1. Um, sweet choice and great solution! It will look great anywhere it goes!

    P.S. Love the new header!!

  2. oh man, I love the crayons in the Mason jar, love it!