Monday, February 7, 2011

An Ordinary Day

It's still cold outside. Really cold. We still have about 5 inches of snow on the ground,
 ice under that, and more snow on the way.
I heard this morning that our normal highs for this time of year is in the 40s.
Not 20.
Needless to say, we haven't been just running around outside lately.
It's okay. We make our own fun. No matter how small.
 G was very proud of his "Daddy, Mommy, and Baby" dump trucks.
 Toddler toes.
Climbing, exploring, getting into trouble.
 G's big toe is shaped just like Hubs. The others are shaped like mine. I love that.
 Every part of him is such a blend.
 This is a big N-O. G can pull himself up on to the exercise bike and he gets quite proud of himself when he does. Normally, I have to yell and then pull him off of this thing while he kicks and screams but today I just got some pictures. Because he really is super strong. And he has this crazy sense of balance.
 We've kid-proofed our home, as in we've put locks on the kitchen cabinets and covers on in the outlets but we've never had a stair gate or anything. Never padded the edges of furniture corners. He's just always done so well. It's scary sometimes but I'm always right there.
Yeah, it's difficult to let him try something that scares me but that's going to happen for the rest of my life.
 Don't you just adore the look of intense concentration on kid's faces?
 Do you have one of these?
This is my inspiration book. It's not a journal. Just a book. I write down random notes, thoughts, and ideas.
Mainly, ideas for this blog.
I am actually calmer and happier when I can dump my brain into this book instead of having all these thoughts and ideas rattling around in my head.
 Today G learned - all on his own, mind you - all about blowing bubbles into his drink.
Oh. The. Look. Of. JOY.
We have been a nap-less household for several months now.
But G started this really awesome habit recently of wanting to lay on the couch for about an hour in the late afternoon and watch TV. He wants his frog pillow, Froggy, apple juice, covers and he's good to go.
And I get a chance to rest.
 Just sit on the couch and blog stalk while he watches TV. 

Today was a good day.
No major drama to deal with.
No big expectations.
No huge deadlines.
Just simple fun.

Speaking of simple, I'm going to start posting "simple fixes". I live in a VERY VERY tiny house. It's a townhouse, which means the layout kind of sucks too but spending time here has also helped us a lot in the pack rat department. Both of our parents are pack rats and we have that tendency ourselves but when there is just. no. room. there is nothing else to do but simplify.
My simple fixes are just that.
Making the super small and simple problem easier, prettier, and just better.
Instead of just dealing with it.

Happy Monday!

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