Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Virtual Coffee - Sass, Junk Food, and Rocks

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for some Virtual Coffee!
Today I am enjoying a huuuuuuuge Diet Coke.
This is going to be a long week.

If we were together right now we'd be in the car headed to one of the millions of places that I need to be going this week. But that's okay. Girl time can be anywhere.
I splurged two nights ago and bought a waver for my hair.
I read about it on Cherish's blog and thought it would be fun.
Holy 80's Batman!
I am having so much fun with it!
It gives me BIG HAIR.
Crazy hair.
Yesterday I waved my hair then put it up in messy pigtails.
Hubs liked it.
I got a much longer kiss than normal when he got home from work.

Today I ate nothing but junk food.
Oh, and a small salad.
I feel so heavy and weighed down.
 I'm an emotional eater.
Why do I do that to myself?
Do you have a simple something that you can do over and over again that brings you joy?
G here can spend hours throwing rocks in water.
Then saying "ka plunk".
Over and over and over.
I love watching him do this. 
Life hasn't gotten to him.
He's not burdened or weighed down.
At this moment, he's only thinking about the awesome "ka plunk" sound the rock he just threw is going to make when it hits the water. 
He gets really excited when he finds a big rock. 
The bigger the rock, the bigger the "ka plunk".
I can't wait to teach him how to skip rocks. :)

There's not too much on my mind today.
I'm tired. 
Worn out.
In need of a break. 
Maybe I'll go throw some rocks into the water.  
Or wave my hair.
Or drink a smoothie. The good for you kind.

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Hi, stopping by from Virtual Coffee. Love the look of your blog :)
    and the curls on your little guy? so cute!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Cristina! :)

  3. That is such a sweet photo! And I love that he gets lost in the moment like that. We should all follow his lead there.

  4. How sweet! That's why I love spending time with my boys, they find such joy in so many simple things - when they're happy, they're just HAPPY - there's nothing else in the world at that moment!

  5. Love this picture. We can learn so much from kids. It's the simple things that keep them captive. Remember when the box to a gift held their attention more than the actual gift? When do we lose that wonder?

  6. i need to go check out what exactly a waver is? i am picturing a crimper, 80's style : ) if eel the same way, weighed down lately and i too an emotional eater without even realizing it...i hate that. my kids could spend forever throwing rocks, sticks and anything else they can find in the water. can't wait until we can actually be outside again so they can do all that stuff again!
    thanks for joining in for coffee this week!