Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Virtual Coffee - Enchiladas and Diet Coke

Hello, friends.
It's Tuesday and that means it's time for some Virtual Coffee.
If we were really going to spend some time together, I'd suggest some Diet Coke instead.
I luuuuuurve Diet Coke.
I would also offer you some of Hub's Turkey Enchiladas.
Man, they're good. Or they're "diswishes", as G would say with gusto.

If we were together right now I'd tell you I've been thinking about hair lately.
My hair has been half way down my back, shaved off, and everywhere in between.
I've had fun with hair styles and colors over the years but due to stress, my hair has been thinning.
I feel I might need to cut it shorter.
But the idea of having it shorter...at the weight that I am right now...really makes
me feel uncomfortable.
Why is that?
Why do we hide behind our hair as much as we do?
Think about how you would feel if you cut all your hair off this second. When I think about that, suddenly, I feel like I wouldn't know how to stand, move my head, or present myself at all.
Isn't that odd?

If we were together right now (I told you those Enchiladas were awesome!) I would give you a list of awesome songs that uplift me and keep me going.
Mumford and Sons - Roll Away Your Stone
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home
Sick Puppies - Rip Tide
Michael Franti - Hey Hey Hey
Ray LaMontagne - You Are The Best Thing
Fistful of Mercy - Father's Son
Mumford and Sons - The Cave
Jack Johnson - Constellations

I know, right?! Great stuff.

Well, it's time to get going. It's time to wind down for the night and rest my sleepy brain and heart.
Thanks for the talk. And the Diet Coke.
Okay, okay, I'll post Hub's Enchilada recipe soon.

I'll leave you with a picture of G.
Because he's just so darn cute.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. They were good enchiladas weren't they?

  2. diet coke and enchiladas? YUM! two of my favorites!! i totally get your hair dilemma. i wish i could have really long curls... but that apparently wsan't in God's plan! and maybe if i had them i wouldn't like them. hmmm. and i am enjoying short hair, but i don't know if it "matches" my weight... oh hair. i wish i didn't let it hold the importance it does. and it is hard... to teach my daughter. she doesn't care AT ALL and i wish she did... but try to be careful not to cross the line between vain and neat&tidy. oh dear!

    i love that laughing picture :)

  3. thank you for that list of songs!! i just made a new songlist!

    visiting from lucky number 31 for coffee! i do tea on tuesdays, stop by and join in sometime!