Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puke, Laundry, and Blog Love

 Change of plans today.
I have a pukey little boy on my hands.
He seems better now, though.
Eating Goldfish with Ketchup.
Watching TV.
Destroying the house.
 I'm glad he's feeling better!
 I've got work to do. A Mama's work is never done.
 Oh. Wait. I can't do the laundry! There's a cat on the clothes.
That's from Hubs.
When I ask for his help with something and there is a cat in his lap his response is
always "I can't, babe. I have a cat on my lap". :)

It's kind of difficult day to fill up the soul.
It's dark.
It's cold.
It's rainy.
The freezy kind.
I'm feeling empty and overwhelmed.
I tried to fill up with a piece of chocolate cake.
Why - again - do I do that to myself?

Maybe you can help fill me up!
I would love for you to leave a comment with something happy.
A little sunshine and love from Blogland.
Would you do that for me?
Pretty please?

Happy Thursday!


  1. here's a little sunshine and love! ready? gotta catch it! here you go! 3...2...1... toss..........

  2. ha ha I always love using the "there's a cat laying on me I guess I can't get up" excuse too. I always feel so bad making them get up when they're so nice and cozy. =)

    Sending some big sunshine and blog love your way riiiiiight NOW!

    Your blog is looking tremendous btw. Love your thoughts and your precious pics!

  3. Sending love from Wisco! You always cheer me up, hope you know I am adoring you and this blog of yours from afar! So glad to have you as a blog buddy!

    Sorry that your little guy isn't feeling well... mine are taking turns with it, no fun at all! Enjoy the snuggle time, if he will let you! :)


  4. what gorgeous golden light around that kitty!