Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Virtual Coffee Break - Feelskies, Admiration, and Dinners On The Floor

I like the idea of the Virtual Coffee Break. 
I'm not sure how to link up quite yet but I'm gonna go ahead a take one. A break, that is.
Virtual Coffee is better for me anyway. I hate coffee.
Maybe I'll call it my Virtual Hot Cocoa Break.
Yeah. That's better.
If we were having hot cocoa together, all cozied up in fluffy chairs I'd tell you that I'm happy at this moment. I have newly painted nails rap-tapping on my keyboard. When Hubs got home tonight I went out to get a manicure. I never do this. For some reason I always feel like things of that nature are suited for other women. I'm not fashionable. But when I do go ahead and get a manicure or pedicure I really have a little spark of pretty that goes off way down deep. 
Hubs said that my nails make me look thinner. 
Then he went in for a feelskie. 
Whatever. :)
I like my pretty nails. They make me happy.  

I'd also tell you that I've had this feeling lately. I'm really happy with where my professional life is going and how that will positively affect my personal life as well.
For the first time in years I have my passion back. My drive.
What a gift.
But lately I feel like I can see my future...that next chapter...and it's awesome but it seems. so. far. away.
And then, out of nowhere, I get an email.
From a photographer that I admire. She doesn't know I admire her. Because I'm so blog-stalky.
She likes my work! She wants to meet with me and talk. Just talk.
WHAT?! Wait...who? Me?
Someone once told me that the photography world is cold.
I'm feeling rather fuzzy at the moment.
I haven't responded to her email. I got it this afternoon. I've been walking around all afternoon and evening do I respond to something like this?
How do you tell someone that just by standing up and saying...hey, you do good work and I can tell it comes from someplace've just sparked something to help spur me on.
A little validation.
How do I tell her that and not sound so utterly UNCOOL?!
What a gift.

If we were chatting over hot cocoa right now I would also tell you that I'm psyched because this Saturday Hubs and I are getting our very first kitchen table for this house!
Let me explain.
I think I've mentioned that our house is small. So small, in fact, that there is no room for a kitchen table. And no dining room to put one in either. We just sort of sit on the floor. Lame.
We've done this for 4 years and I'm so over it.
Last weekend we purchased an old gateleg table, which is just too perfect for our needs.
Fold out for dinner. Fold in when done.
Hubs is excited too, which is awesome.
We can't wait to just be together as a family around a kitchen table.
What a gift.

Well, thanks for the break.
I'm going to go respond to that email now then spend some time with Hubs if he is willing to stop watching Spartacus.

Happy Wednesday!

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